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Saying Good-Bye

Exchange day arrived and you came to my aid,

I was on a hauler, confused and afraid.

You checked my tattoos and got me real clean,

And pretty soon..I had the urge to “lean.”

You took my picture and looked in my ear,

Then softly whispered, “You have nothing to fear.”

You would be my handlers and also my friend,

You would love and care for me and help me to mend.

I’m a retired greyhound who can no longer race,

But I’m a gentle spirit… you can see it in my face.

You taught me to sit and stay, to heel and more,

And sometimes how to walk on a real slippery floor.

We went on pack walks and played in the pen,

And you opened your heart and proved you’re good men.

Ten weeks later it was time to go

I knew my commands and I learned all you know.

It’s time to move to my forever home,

and soon to end this heartfelt poem.

So pack my bag, give me a hug and a kiss,

I hope I don’t cry, but you’ll surely be missed.

My life will be different in my forever home,

I may have a playmate, a yard and a bone.

But I’ll never forget you, no matter your crime.

Our souls are united…..yours and mine!


Gaye Ann Weaver


December 2011